Getting started

It is easy to get started with the Surftown Creator! Follow this guide:

Step 1

Choose template

The Surftown Creator has a range of beautiful templates.
Try out the different templates, and choose the template you like the best!Head over to Apperance »
Step 2

Create content

After choosing a design for your website, the next step is to create the content.
In Surftown Creator you can create as many Posts and Pages as you like.Start with a page »
Step 3

View website

The 3rd step is the easiest. After choosing a template and creating content, you are only 1 step away from viewing your website live.
Simply publish your website by pressing the “Publish site” button under “Surftown Creator” in your control panel and you are all set.
Your website is now live, so lean back, view your site and enjoy life!View your new website »


Professional webdesign? No problem!

Sometimes, you just want a little more than a standardized theme; you want something unique. Our dedicated team of web designers can help you achieve this!

We will make a website which is created and designed after your needs and in cooperation with you.

Every design is made in Surftown Creator, so you do not even need to adapt to a new system.

Read more about our web design offering here: